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He may not be the prettiest, but he has plenty of character to go around. This car used to belong to a local High School's auto shop. Now he is integral part of the Datsun Spirit, Inc. family.


1977 280Z

Engine: L28 with DSI ITBs

Exhaust: JDM header with 2.5" custom exhaust


Transmission: 280ZX 5 speed

Differential: R200 3.54 (stock)

Wheels: Enkei 92 mesh 14x7

Tires: Dunlop 225/50-14r


The car used to belong to a local High school as their Auto Mechanics class subject. Since my purchasing it, the car earned a moniker, Pumpkin Patch. The car has some superficial rust, and it doesn’t look too impressive or very presentable, but where it counts is structurally very sound, and this car is quite lovable. Pumpkin Patch, at the time of purchase, had some funky issues–it used to randomly cut out and then not start up again for days, but other times, the car ran great like there was nothing wrong. Pumpkin Patch has been an ongoing restoration project for years, but he is finally getting the attention he deserves! 

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