ATI Harmonic Balancer Kit

ATI Harmonic Balancer Kit




The ATI Super Dampers are designed to eliminate harmful crankshaft harmonics, which causes parasitic HP loss, bearing wear, or crankshaft failure. ATI Dampers are on 100% of the NASCAR race cars.


There is a misconception out there that super light crank pulley is more advantageous. Not really!

In addition to eliminating crankshaft harmonics, the ATI kit allows us to easily mount the Electromotive trigger wheel, and our direct fire ignition system kit is designed to go with this ATI damper kit.


The smaller and lighter damper doesn’t make it better. The damper needs to be properly sized for the engine displacement, HP, max RPM and application of the engine. Dampers don’t make horsepower, they allow the engine to run how it was designed to run, for the valve timing to say stable, and the engine to live longer. A couple of extra pounds on the front of the engine can actually help for performance engines.


  • Damper weight: 5.2lbs
  • Hub weight: 2.4lbs


Installing ATI harmonic damper requires harmonic damper installation tool. However, most of the harmonic damper installation kit does not come with the attachment you will need for the Datsun crankshaft. When having the engine built by Datsun Spirit, and you want the ATI harmonic damper setup, we can install it for you at no additional charge.


  • This kit is for non-A/C, non-power steering setup.
  • The trigger wheel pictured is not part of this kit. It is sold separately.
  • The ATI Harmonic damper kit will require special crank bolt that are only sold through us. Stock Nissan crank bolt will not fit.
  • The hub is extremely tight fit. We relieved the back snout part of the hub for the ease of installation, while maintaining the tight fit the harmonic damper requires.
  • Matching fan belt is included (you can’t use regular L-engine fan belt).

ATI Harmonic Damper kit consists of the following:

  • ATI Harmonic damper
  • Hub
  • Crank bolt & washer (Custom. High strength)
  • Fan belt
  • mounting hardware (screws, bolts, washers)

Special notes on the ATI Harmonic Damper kit:

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