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Swirl Polished 44mm, 35mm (L28 Size) Valves

Swirl Polished 44mm, 35mm (L28 Size) Valves




These valves have undercut stem and are fully swirl polished. These are great for street performance upgrade and light/moderate performance heads. These are the standard N42/N47 size valves (44mm/35mm). Perfect for use in L24 heads, P79/P90 heads, or N42/N47 heads. If you are using these valves in P79/P90, check out our complete P79/P90 valve train upgrade kit.

For those who run high-lift cams, will want to use our DSI Big Valves instead, so that the retainers don’t bottom out. The DSI valves are much bigger & longer (45mm/36.5mm-118.5mm), and much lighter, and come fully nitrated.


Optional items:

  • Valve stem seals $45 (set of 12)
  • Valve spring shims 
  • DSI Performance valve springs & retainers $200
  • Valve keepers 
  • Cam tower spacers & longer bolts $100 (2.0mm (.080″) or 1.5mm (.060″))
  • DSI Street Stage-I 274 .480 lift camshaft $340
  • Rocker arms $466
  • Lash pads  (specify thickness)
  • Head gasket
  • Others
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