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DSI L28 87mm Forged Pistons For Use With L28 rods

DSI L28 87mm Forged Pistons For Use With L28 rods




Harnessing the latest engineering and machining technologies and our extensive knowledge into the L-series engines, allowed these pistons to be extremely light weight, super strong, and hyper performance pistons that can be used with the L28 rods. You may use them in your L28 rebuild, or our STR2.8 setups, or etc.


There are several dramatically big advantages with these pistons over the factory P79 flat top pistons.


  • Our piston weighs in at mere 322grams and 68grams for the piston pin, whereas the P79 flat top pistons weighs in at 432grams with 123gram piston pin. So the combined weight reduction per cylinder is 164grams per cylinder.
  • The other drastic advantage for this piston over the P79 piston is that this piston has the valve recesses cut, allowing super high lift camshaft to go with the setup.
  • The latest piston ring technology and materials are implemented. With the nitrated coating, napier second hook rings, and superior oil ring technology, these Made-in-Japan rings are low friction, high heat dissipation, and highly efficient in transferring the combustion energy. They are simply the best available in the market.


Changing the L28 pistons with our DSI 38.1mm pistons made instantly recognizable and distinct change in our customer’s 280Z.


Use with L28 size rods.

Available at 86mm bore, 86.5mm bore, 87mm bore.

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