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PLX Devices DM-6 Gauge & Wideband O2 Combo

PLX Devices DM-6 Gauge & Wideband O2 Combo




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Monitoring air/fuel has never been easier with the PLX wideband combo. We also make it even easier for Z folks! You can get the DM-6 multi-gauge gauge & wideband combo alone, or if you want the works, we have a complete kit that includes DM-6 gauge & wideband combo, O2 sensor bung, sunvisor for the gauge, and gauge installation stand.


DM-6 multi touch screen gauge is 2 1/16″, and it displays more than just AFR. The PLX wideband SM-AFR module coupled with our DM-6 touch screen gauge allows you to daisy-chain up to 16 additional sensor modules. The DM-6 gauge automatically detects sensors allowing for a fully plug and play experience. Gauge parameters can be easily cycled as well as various gauge styles with a simple touch. Advanced features such as peak-hold, and intelligent warnings are also available. The DM-6 supports both US standard and metric units of measurement and it an ideal setup for monitoring wideband air/fuel ratio.